Sensually Blowing Huge Bubbles While Stripping For You


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I sit on the couch, my cheeks filled with a huge wad of gum, and blow up a big bubble. I look up to notice you watching me, and I smile, narrowing my eyes to look at you seductively. I take my time layering the thick gum onto my tongue, and blow softly into it, watching as it grows bigger. Right before it can explode on my face, I suck it in quickly, and play with the gum on my fingers. The gum is so sticky, and I gently run my fingers across my bra, teasing you. Bubble after bubble, and I never look away…it drives you crazy. I love holding the bubble for as long as I can, and showing it off to you, then trying to suck all of it in. Sometimes, it’s just too big, and it gets everywhere. I take off my jacket, and pull down my bra straps, and continue to tease you, smiling and giggling between pops. I want you to see everything, so I move closer, and change angles.

After a while, I stand up, and move my body for you, still blowing bubble after bubble. I give you a very slow, sensual striptease, twisting my fingers in my panties, and the gum on my finger. The bubbles become bigger, and I smile with delight as the gum becomes stickier, and little bits stick to my face. I strip down until I’m completely naked, stopping to show off my big bubbles, and then letting them pop on my face. I giggle, blowing one last big bubble, and then let it cover my face before pealing it off.

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Sensually Blowing Huge Bubbles While Stripping For You