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Three Girls Humiliate Your Small Penis


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So, you could handle one girl humiliating your small cock? Try three.

Fifi: So, you bought this clip….
Samantha: I’m sure you have only one thing on your mind.
Sunny: All three of us, what are you going to do?
Samantha: Why don’t you just take it out?
Fifi: Show us. Come on, let me see.
Samantha: Don’t be shy….
Sunny: We wanna see.
Fifi: Is it going to get hard anytime soon, or…?
Samantha looks at Fifi confused. Wait, do…do you see something?…because I think I need a fucking microscope.
Sunny: Can…can you maybe zoom in?
Fifi: Come on now, that’s not hard…seriously?
Samantha: I don’t…I don’t believe that’s a penis.
Sunny: Can you stand sideways? I need to see this.
Samantha: THAT?
Fifi: Samantha, that’s not a penis. Sunny, do you see anything?
Samantha and Sunny: No…no.
Samantha: My clit’s bigger than this supposed dick.
Fifi begins laughing.
Samantha: Are you even able to have sex? Like, what do you do when you drop your pants with a girl? Does she, like, laugh?
Fifi: Well, I mean…he’s gotta jerk off, right? He bought this clip, so what’s he going to use? Tweezers? Are you going to use tweezers?
Samantha: How do you jerk off? I bet you cum quick, too, don’t you? Do you even, like, produce cum?…because it looks kinda like a baby penis to me.
Sunny: I don’t even know what we would do with that. It wouldn’t even choke me or anything.
Samantha: I mean, small objects are always a choking hazard.
Fifi: Seriously?… Are you seriously hard? He’s not hard, is he? No…he’s been jerking it.

Fifi, Samantha, and Sunny stare at your cock confused, wondering how it could possibly be that small. They giggle, comparing your cock to their little pinkie fingers, and question whether you’re actually hard. They talk amongst themselves, trying to decide if there’s a dick even there. To be more degrading, they ask you about your sex life, and if you’re able to make a girl orgasm…or if you’ve ever seen one orgasm. They don’t hold anything back, letting you know there’s no way to satisfy a woman with such a pathetic thing, and that foreplay will be your only chance. Fifi and the girls encourage you to jerk off, curious to see how small your load will really be. As you masturbate, they humiliate you for your non-existent shaft, and little mushroom tip. Once you cum, they’re barely able to tell, and they laugh at your tear drop load.

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Three Girls Humiliate Your Small Penis