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My First Experience With Foot Tickling




This is my first ever tickling video! When Adam asked me to do a tickling video, I was a little hesitant. I thought, There’s nothing he can do to make me squirm and laugh. We went ahead and tied up my big toes with rubber bands, and began testing using different devices. We went through several where I only smiled, and I thought I just wasn’t ticklish. The last instrument he used was a soft hair brush that had soft, plastic bristles. He had Aiden rub the brush as hard as he could on my feet, and with a crazy laugh from me, he started the video.

Aiden started at the heel of my foot, and it drove me crazy! I laughed, trying to keep myself relaxed, but found myself squirming. As he moved over the middle of my foot, it became over-sensitive, and I burst out laughing, trying to catch my breath. My toes curled, and the sensation was overwhelming. It felt so good, and was so ticklish at the same time! With the rubber bands locking my toes together, there was no way for me to fight the plastic bristles running hard across my feet. I would say, between laughing, “Stop! My poor feet!,” but Aiden kept grinding the brush. Since it was so overwhelming, I would get a tiny break between each tickle, but the more I was tickled, the more sensitive I got. Quickly, my feet were uncontrollably sensitive on every part! The room filled with laughter, and I was completely worn out.

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My First Experience With Foot Tickling