Kitanabot Falls For Her Boss


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Kitanabot has been programmed to help her owner. She belongs to Mr. Valentine, and she has noticed him looking at her differently lately. He grabs her ass now, and checks her out. One day she walks in on him to find him looking at a porno mag. She points at photo of 2 people fucking. “Can you do that to me?” He obliges.

He grabs her by the waist and checks out her female figure. He gropes her breasts, and runs his hands all over her body. He fingers her pussy. It’s lubricated just as you’d expect from a real human body.

Aiden grabs her petite body and throws it onto the desk and fucks his robot assistant. She gasps and moans as she gets fucked by her owner’s cock.

She then rides his cock until he cums on her perky tits.

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Kitanabot Falls For Her Boss



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