Terra Mizu’s Magical Strip Show




Terra is putting on a magic show for her fans. She stars off with some card tricks and leads into her grand finale. She’s gonna make a glass of water appear out of thin air. She says the magic words and taps the top of the glass. “Abracadabra!” Poof — A cloud of smoke appears, however it seems her blouse has disappeared. Something has gone horribly wrong with her trick. But the show must go on!

She regains her composure enough to try again. This time her skirt disappears. She tries to cover her body and tits with her arms. Tips pour in from her viewers.  Even though the trick has backfired she tries to continue.

She taps the glass again with her magic wand. Woosh! The smoke clears and Terra’s big tits are exposed to the world. Her fans send tips in through her livestream in response. Her bra, and the rest of her clothes are nowhere to be found. She struggles to get through the rest of her show with her tits out for all her fans.

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Terra Mizu’s Magical Strip Show