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Kitty Catherine Swaps Bodies and Fucks Older Brother




Aiden convinces his little step sister Kitty Catherine to help him with a supposed “science fair
project.” She happily agrees. However, it actually happens to be a body swap device. Aiden has had an eye on his hot sister for a while and this would give him the perfect excuse to fool around with her body.

She sits down in the chair and prepares to have her mind read — and as soon as Aiden flips the switch, they switch into each other’s bodies. Aiden’s body collapses onto the ground when they switch, and his consciousness in transferred into Kitty’s body.

Aiden wakes up in his sister’s body. Success! She’s still collapsed on the floor, so he takes some time to perv over his hot little sis. He pulls out his sister’s tittes and fondles then. Rubs his sister’s clit and experiences the wonderful sensation of the female orgasm. That was, until his Kitty woke up. She was suprised to see someone in her body, masturbating with it.

Aiden tells her they’ve switched bodies. Kitty is fascinated by her brother’s body. She strips off his pants, and Kitty’s body reaches over to stroke his cock. The sensation overwhelmed them. Kitty’s body gets tossed on the desk and fucked with her step brother’s body. Kitty uses Aiden’s body to bust a load on her tits.

Now to figure out what to do about switching back into their own bodies.

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Kitty Catherine Swaps Bodies and Fucks Older Brother