Mommy Remote Controlled by Alexa and Fucked POV




A hot mom who doesn’t look a day over 30 is alone in her living room playing with her new Alexa her son got her for her birthday. Later, her son comes back and gives her a new necklace. She puts it on and immediately loves it. But unbeknownst to her, it has the power of mind control. 

When she has the necklace on, her son Aiden tells the Alexa to connect it to her mind. This shocks her and she asks him to take it off. But she can’t. It’s on now and there’s nothing she can do about it. 

Aiden, amused by this newfound power, makes his mother play with her tits. She’s distraught:

“Why am I doing this!?” she cries. “What did you do? You are so grounded, so grounded! This is so inappropriate! I’m your mother!”

Then Aiden has her strip nude. She struggles to fight against the transceiver around her neck, but she ultimately succumbs to it. 

Once she’s naked, Aiden mutes her to force her into submission. Then he makes her spank herself. When he’s had enough of that, he makes her throw herself onto the couch and finger herself. 

“I am completely mortified and beyond disgusted by your actions…” she gasps, pleasuring herself with her free hand. 

It isn’t long before Aiden forces her to give him a blow job. But after that, he still isn’t satisfied. He fucks her from behind. She desperately doesn’t want to come. She can’t come to her own son. But Aiden orders Alexa to make her cum and she does.

When Aiden’s done with her, she slips into a deep sleep and forgets everything.

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Mommy Remote Controlled by Alexa and Fucked POV


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