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Bad Girls Punished: Step Daddy’s Little Girl




In this video, a step-daddy gets onto her bad step daughter for stealing his cigarettes. He spanks her, has her suck his cock, fingers her, makes her finger herself, fucks her, and eventually comes all over her. Daddy play and humiliation play throughout.

A step-daddy approaches his young, hot, tan stepdaughter in her bedroom and accuses her of smoking his cigarettes. Feigning innocence, she lies. But her daddy can see right through it.

“I know that guilty look,” he says, pointing at her. “You’re hiding something.” 

She laughs. Yep. She’s lying. She goes to her bedside table and grabs the cigarettes. 

“Katana… you can’t be smoking, sweetheart! Especially my cigarettes.” 

“You smoke,” she retorts, brattily. 

Aiden won’t have that. She’s going to get the punishment she deserves. 

“Yeah, I smoke, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to smoke!” In that moment, Aiden decides that he’s going to punish his step-daughter. “You need to be taught a lesson.” 

He has her kneel over his lap and he spanks her once for every cigarette she stole from him. That ends up being more than twenty slaps. By the end of it, her ass is raw and sore. But Aiden isn’t satisfied yet. He has her take off her panties and blouse and kneel before him. He makes her suck his cock and he enjoys every second of it.

But by the time he’s done with that he still isn’t satisfied. So he makes Katana sprawl out on the bed and touch herself. Eventually, he joins in too, fingering her until she almost cums. He finishes the job by fucking her and cumming all over her tight body. 

When he’s finished, he hovers over her and kisses her on the lips.

“Daddy’s gonna go to the store. Get cleaned up, and don’t steal daddy’s cigarettes again.” 

He exits the room, leaving his step daughter to clean his cum off her body. 

3.2/5 (9 Reviews)

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1 review for Bad Girls Punished: Step Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. Jesse NEAL

    I no what I want her for riding my pulsating rock hard shaft while she screams drips juices and begs me forgiveness as I slowly rub her ass hole and grip her neck so hard she briefly looses consensus waking up to the orgasmic feeling of my dick pounding her ass and pulling on her clit

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Bad Girls Punished: Step Daddy’s Little Girl


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