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Corporate Espionage: Terra Frozen ENF




Terra Mizu is a spy. She’s got a client with some very special needs. $10K bucks in cold, hard cash. No questions asked. He handed her the USB stick, and she was off.

It’d be a stealth mission — so she dons her black, tight catsuit. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes. She starts the transfer and waits. 10%. 20%. 30%.

“Hey! What are you doing in here? You can’t be in here.” The henchmen reveals himself and approached Terra. He finds the USB drive and confiscates it. She gives him a halfhearted excuse about being a secretary. The henchman doesn’t buy it. Her cover has been blown — she tries to flee. “Not so fast!” He pulls a remote control out of his pocket and freezes her body in place. He unbuttons her blouse and reveals her big tits.

He unfreezes her for a second. She looks down and discovers her breasts are exposed, gets embarrassed, then he freezes her again to strip her down some more. He takes her top off. Then moves her body into different frozen positions. Once she’s completely naked, except her panties, he finally unfreezes her for good. “Where are my clothes?” she says. The henchman points at the door. “Get out of here. I don’t want to see you around here again… unless you’re wearing something like that.” She uses her hands to cover her bare body and scampers away embarrassed.

3.8/5 (12 Reviews)

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Corporate Espionage: Terra Frozen ENF