Intruder Binds and Facefucks Businesswoman




It’s been a long day at the office, and Fifi just wants to get back to relax. She closes her car door, unlocks the front door of the house, and walks inside. It’s quiet as usual, so she walks upstairs, and opens her bedroom door. As soon as the door swings open, she is greeted by the silhouette of a man. She shrieks, and drops her keys. Before she can turn around and run, he pulls her inside, and slams the door shut.

He pushes her to the floor. “Come on, get up. I said GET THE FUCK UP.” He picks her up, and then shoves her again. “Who are you?” she says. Uninterested in what she has to say, the intruder demands she strip down. Fifi, scared and trembling, begins taking her clothes off slowly, trying to cover herself from exposure. Irritated, he demands her to remove her hands, and then grabs her chest, degrading her further.

She continues to undress, her hands shaking, and when she’s finally naked, the intruder demands to see her whole body. Satisfied, he tells her to get the panties from her closet, and she nervously grabs a pile. When she presents them to him, he goes through them, sniffs one, and then picks a pair. He tells her to put them in her mouth, and she does so, gagging herself. He hands her a bandana to wrap around her head and mouth, “I don’t want to hear a fucking word.”

After she’s gagged, he pushes her to the bed, bends her over, and ties her wrists together with rope. Fifi muffles through the gag. Once her hands are bound, he lifts her up, pulls down his pants, and sticks his cock in her hand. She strokes without command, trying her hardest to please the intruder. After a minute, he pushes her back down onto the bed.

Moments later, she finds herself in a hogtie–her wrists and ankles bound to one another. The intruder removes the gag, and she begs him again. He ignores her, groping her perky chest, and rubbing his fingers against her pussy. He then pries her lips open with his fingers, and sticks his hard cock into her mouth. He chokes her with his cock, and she gags, spitting up saliva. Poor Fifi struggles in the binds.

The prev continues to throat-fuck her, jamming his cock into her mouth, and she pants for air. He moves her into various positions, she struggles against the binds, but they hold tight. She begs him, and even sucks his cock on her own, rocking back and forth, hoping to be released. After a while, he cums in her mouth, and she sobs as the cum drips out. He watches the cum fall from her mouth, and then quickly gags her again, leaving her to cry.

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Intruder Binds and Facefucks Businesswoman

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