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Wrong Way: Nyxon Has Her Body Taken Over By Mr. Valentine




In this video, Nyxon gets kidnapped by Aiden Valentine and taken to his lab. Aiden Valentine body swaps with her and has sex with his roommate. 

In the sweltering mid-afternoon, Nyxon is stranded on the side of the road. She’s drenched in sweat and desperate to get home. Luckily for her, Aiden Valentine stops and offers to pick her up. She gets in the car and he drives away with her, thinking she’s being taken to the gas station to call AAA.

Soon, though, she realizes that she isn’t being taken where she thought she was. She’s on the wrong road, and they passed the gas station a few miles back…

But before she can ask too many questions, Aiden pulls over to grab some chloroform from the back of his car and knocks her unconscious. She struggles for a while, but she’s too weak. She falls limp in his arms and he stuffs her lifeless body in the trunk.

He takes her to his lab and examines her lifeless body on a medical examination table. Flops her limbs around and plays with her. When he’s had his fun, he takes off her clothes, revealing her enormous tits and perfect, tatted body. 

Now we see what he really brought her here for: with an advanced, mechanized computer chip, he connects her brain to a neural network to control her body with his mind.

From the comfort of his desk chair, he makes her do whatever he wants by making her nervous system his own.

Inside Nyxon’s body, Mr. Valentine feels his new tits, his ass, and masturbates. He’s so excited to have a new body. 

But his fun is interrupted when his roommate calls, telling him that he’s going to come home soon. So Aiden, still inside Nyxon’s perfect, nude new form, disposes of his old body and gets ready.

Suddenly, you’re the roommate Aiden was talking about. He talks to you flirtatiously, and when you ask him where the real Aiden is, he tells you he’s just in the bathroom. And you believe him because Nyxon’s body is just so hot.

She tells you to take off your pants, and you do. It excites her. In fact, it excites her so much that she tells you to take off your pants.

She thinks you’re perfect — everything Aiden said you would be. How does she know him? Oh, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is her sitting in your bedroom, feeling her tits. 

She strips down and invites you to have sex with her. 

You get on top of her and fuck her. She likes it so much — it almost looks like she’s experiencing vaginal penetration for the first time. and she tells you how much she likes it. Though it sort of looks like she’s experiencing all of this for the first time.

When you’re done, you sit down and talk with her. She says that Aiden left for a trip and that he’s never coming back. She also says she’s probably going to be around forever too. You’re totally cool with that. She’s hot and cool and compared to Aiden, this is a way better roommate. There was nothing wrong with him, of course, but this is someone you can fuck every day. 

From inside Nyxon’s body, then, Aiden decides that he’s going to stay a girl forever. His real body is never seen again, and he stays with you so you can fuck his hot female body whenever you want.

3.7/5 (21 Reviews)

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Wrong Way: Nyxon Has Her Body Taken Over By Mr. Valentine


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