I’m In Love With My Stepbrother




I have to get out of the house. This obsession with my stepbrother is unhealthy, and it’s not right. I’m in love with him, and I know we can’t be together. He doesn’t know, and I don’t think I can tell him. It’s so frustrating.

I needed to clear my head, so I decided to go out on a date. I picked some random guy, and while I waited, dolled myself up. I couldn’t stop thinking about my stepbrother. It was pathetic. I waited by the door, looking out the small glass for my date.

My stepbrother, Aiden, approached me. I told him about my date, and how I just wanted to clear my head. Just talking to him turns knots in my stomach. He’s perfect. He told me that I looked great, and I smiled. My date still hadn’t shown.

It had been hours, and I was pacing back and forth. UGH! The one time I try to get out of the house, and no one shows up. I threw my purse down and sat on the couch. My stepbrother sat by me. Since I was still there, he knew I got stood up. He tried to get me to talk, but I just couldn’t tell him. What if he thought I was weird, or even worse…what if he rejected me? I’d be humiliated. I couldn’t risk it.

I told him I had feelings for someone else, but I didn’t tell him who. He encouraged me to be straightforward with the guy, so I told him. I’ve never been so nervous. I felt my face get hot, and the butterflies fill my stomach. Ah, fuck! I shouldn’t have done that. He admitted he had felt those things about me before, but tried to push them away. I rubbed my hand against his inner thigh, and I asked him if we could make it work….

I kissed him softly, and I felt his lips press back against mine. He was okay with it, and I was ecstatic. All of my wrong feelings vanished, and it was just us. His hand slipped underneath the top of my dress, and he squeezed my chest. Chills went down my spine, and I couldn’t control myself. I unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his throbbing cock. I stroked it as we made out, and soon, found my mouth wrapped around his hard shaft.

The sloppy blowjob I gave him must have felt incredible because his cock was pulsating in my mouth. I knew I had to have him. We rushed to take each other’s clothes off. He bent me over on the couch, pulled down my panties, and slid his cock inside of me. I moaned as his cock spread my tight pussy lips apart. I could feel myself getting wetter with each thrust, covering his cock with all of my juices.

Aiden threw my body around, fucking me everywhere on the couch. It was incredible. We were so horny that we didn’t care. I bit my nails and pulled my hair in pleasure, and after I got off, Aiden pushed me down to my knees. He came all over my face, and all I could do was smile. I’m so in love with my stepbrother, and I think he’s in love with me too.

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I’m In Love With My Stepbrother

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