Public Gainer: Huge Triple Scoop Banana Split Facestuffing




**This is my first ever PUBLIC gaining weight clip, and it drew A LOT of attention around me. You’ll be able to hear people talking in the background, as well as directly to me. I’ve never experienced anything like this before!**

This is the first part of a two part series.

Thanks for the ice cream. **You ask your girlfriend if she’s going to eat the whole thing by herself.** Yeah, why? Is it a lot or something? You want some? Get your own. **She smiles.** This is mine.

Look at all those peanuts and cherries they put on this. It’s seriously so good. Just because I ate dinner doesn’t mean I can’t eat dessert.

Look at how messy it is!… Oh yeah, I just remembered…we need to go to JCPenney or somewhere to get new jeans. I haven’t bought jeans in a while, and my jeans are kinda tight. It’s probably because they’re old. **The ice cream starts melting, and it runs all over her fingers. She attempts to lick the mess up, and then smiles at you.**

Mmm…oh my god. I know, it’s messy! **She tilts the bowl towards her mouth to eat the melted ice cream, and it gets all over her face.** That guy over there is going to think I’m such a slob! I don’t even want the bananas, I just want the ice cream.

**She laughs, and whispers as a woman walks by.** That woman was just looking at me! **The woman walks by again, giggling, and comments on how everyone is watching.** I think people are watching me. Am I really making that big of a mess?

This is so good…I can’t stop eating it. Ugh, I’m sooo full, and my hands are so sticky. **She eats spoonfuls in between her words, and then sets down the ice cream to lick her fingers clean.** Is there anything on my face? **She stands up, and then rubs her big belly.** Are you ready to go to the store? I really need to get some new jeans.

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Public Gainer: Huge Triple Scoop Banana Split Facestuffing