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Babysitting My Peeping Stepbrother While Our Parents Are Out




It’s a Friday night, and your parents are going out. Your stepsister stands in the doorway, reassuring them that everything will be fine. “Have a good night out. Yeah, I’ll take care of him. Alright, love you. Yeah, we’ll be fine. Love youuu. Bye.” She locks the door, then turns towards you, “Alright, listen. Mom and Dad said I was in charge. I’m babysitting you. Yeah, yeah, yeah– you think you’re old enough that you don’t need a babysitter…well, you do.”

She explains that her boyfriend is coming over, and that you better not say anything to Mom and Dad. She tells you to go to your room for the night, and that she will be waiting on the couch for his arrival. After a few minutes, her boyfriend shows up. She catches you watching from the stairs, and demands you go back upstairs before he comes in. You rush back up the stairs, and head to your room.

While you are in your room, your stepsister brings her boyfriend in, and they begin messing around. They make out on the couch, and he pulls down her top to lick her chest. His fingers move up her dress, and as things progress, you make your way back down the stairs. Your cock is hard from hearing your stepsister moan, and you need to see what’s going on. You sit at the very top of the stairs, getting a peak through the wooden pillars. You’re young, and you’ve never seen anything like this before. You pull out your cock and begin stroking it, watching your stepsister get fucked from behind. Her fingers dig gently into the couch, and as she looks forward, she gets a glimpse of you watching her. “Hey! What the fuck!? You little pervert!” She turns to her boyfriend, “My stepbrother’s watching us!” She quickly pulls herself away, and you panic, trying to hold your pants up as you run up the stairs.

Your stepsister chases after you, and although you try to slam the door on her, she barges in. “What the hell were you doing, you little creep!?” She shouts downstairs to her boyfriend, “I’ll be right down. I’m just dealing with my stepbrother, give me a few minutes, okay?” She closes the door behind her, “What the hell did you think you were doing?… Were you jerking off to me? Oh god, I told you to stay upstairs! God, you’re such a creep.” She tries to calm herself down, explaining out loud that you probably got turned on by what you saw, and you’re at that age where you’re “exploring” yourself. Your stepsister tries to figure out a solution, knowing that, if she goes back downstairs, you’re just going to watch her again. “How about…how about I just take care of your little problem? I’ll just take care of it real quick, and then you can stay upstairs, and I can finish downstairs. I don’t have much time before Mom and Dad get back.”

She climbs over top of you, “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” and quickly pulls down your pants. “You seriously can NOT tell Mom and Dad that I’m helping you out.” She lies down on her stomach, and begins stroking your cock. “Oh my god, what were you thinking? Did you think I wasn’t going to see you or something?” She runs her tongue across the head of your cock, and then sucks gently, still stroking. Her tongue runs up your shaft, “You better hurry up and get off.” She sucks on your balls as she strokes, and then swirls her tongue across the head. “So, you wanted to see your stepsister get fucked?… I bet this feels really good. Never had anything like this before, have you?”

She wets your cock with her spit, “So…would it help you cum if I put it inside of me? Would you like that? We don’t have much time, so…” Your stepsister climbs over, straddles you, and lifts her leg to put your cock inside of her. She bounces slowly, and moans softly, feeling your cock penetrate her. The more she rides your cock, the more turned on she gets, and soon, she’s moaning loudly, and bouncing harder. Her cum covers your cock as she gets off, and in between breaths, she says, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

She lies back on her stomach, and moves her mouth over your shaft, and her hand twists at the base. Her make-up starts to run, and sweat trickles down her face. Her mouth is so wet and warm that, after a while, you finally fill it with your huge load. She shows off your cum in her mouth, and then flicks some back to swallow it. She pants for air, completely exhausted, “I have to go back downstairs. You remember…don’t tell Mom and Dad about this. And don’t tell Mom that my boyfriend came over…. Don’t fucking creep on us anymore!” She gets up, half-naked and covered in sweat, and goes back downstairs.

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Babysitting My Peeping Stepbrother While Our Parents Are Out

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