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Guy Switches Gender Through Prayer feat. Kitana Kojima




Aiden comes home from the bar, still a little tipsy. He’s been having problems picking up chicks lately. He prays that if he could be in a woman’s body just for a day, then he’d be a real player. His wish comes true and he finds himself in a woman’s body when he wakes up. He explores his new, female body. And masturbates using his new vagina. That was fun, but he’s got more planned while he’s got the opportunity to be a woman. He goes out and buys some new clothes to try on. He settles for an evening dress then goes on the prowl to find a nice fuck for the night. He manages to find a guy to bring home and get fucked by. He sucks his cock and lets him fuck him missionary style. Epic.

4.3/5 (4 Reviews)

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Guy Switches Gender Through Prayer feat. Kitana Kojima


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