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My Stepson’s Secret Fembots




I’m worried about my stepson. Without a stepmother around, I don’t know what he could be getting into. I’m always at work, and when I do see him in the mornings, he’s completely exhausted. It’s like the boy never sleeps. I’m at wits end, and have no idea what to do. He tells me he’s fine, but I know something is going on.

I’m usually not the type of stepfather that goes around searching and prying into my stepson’s business. You have to understand this was my last resort, and I’ll be damned if I come across any sort of illegal activity in his room.

When he left for school this morning, still groggy and inattentive as usual, I went into his room. My heart was pounding, and I was nervous at what I might find. I looked through his dresser drawers, picking up any bit of clothing that might hide something, but found nothing. I don’t know what I was expecting to find, but he was old enough, and I know teens sometimes smoke p0t.

Without any results, I was distracted by the TV playing. He leaves that damn thing on all the time, and it drives me crazy. I don’t know how many times I’ve told him to turn it off before leaving. I picked up the control to turn it off, pointed it right at the TV, and pressed the power button, but it didn’t go off. I tried it again, but nothing happened. Instead, I heard a voice…I think it said something like, “Fembot mode activated.” I don’t know where it was coming from, but it sounded faint, and I could have sworn I heard that same phrase repeated.

With nowhere else to search, I opened the closet door, and saw, what I thought, were two beautiful women. They stared straight ahead, blank looks on their faces, and remained frozen. A chip was set perfectly on their chest, and they were dressed very similar. I thought maybe the control I pressed had turned them on, so I pressed it again, and one of the robots walked towards me in a very jagged-like movement. “Hello, Master.” The second robot proceeded to follow the first, repeating the same phrase. “What can I do for you?” they asked.

I was in utter shock. These…robots were so life-like in every aspect, and I was intrigued. I needed to see more. I pressed another button on the control, and the blond robot said, “Bimbo mode engaged.” She grabbed her chest and bounced, giggling, and shifting her eyes around. The second fembot followed her, quickly engaging her own bimbo mode. I watched as they bounced, air-headed, and blank, until I pressed another button. At this point, you have to understand, I couldn’t stop. They were perfect.

Once I hit the button, they stopped, straightened themselves out, and said, “Stripper mode engaged.” They gave a sexy striptease, slowly and robotically removing their clothes. Their bodies were amazing, and I was overwhelmed. They turned towards me, “Does this please you, Master?”

I wasn’t done playing, but maybe I should have stopped. I hit another button, and it engaged their cleaning mode. Half-naked, they picked up the empty hangers, and then hung clothes on them from the hamper. I watched as they hung every piece of clothing, fascinated with their advanced and different modes. One of the fembots faced me, her eyes wide, and said, “Battery low.” The other robot followed her, and they repeated the same phrase.

With barely any time to react, I panicked, but before I could figure out what to do, the blond robot said, “Shutting downnnn.” It was only a matter of seconds before the other fembot followed her, bending at the waist, and I was left there, completely screwed. I have no idea how to charge these things. My stepson is going to be so pissed if he finds out I was in his room.

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My Stepson’s Secret Fembots

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