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Mesmerized Sister Gets Fucked feat. Nadia White




Aiden entrances his sister, Nadia White, on the bed. “Is your back hurting? Mine does.” Nadia eyes narrow at Aiden, “Yeah…and?”

Meanwhile, he makes an attempt to kiss her. “Aiden, what are you doing?” Nadia says shoving her brother off of her. “I told you a million times that’s wrong – I’m your sister, we don’t do that.” Aiden ignores her, attempting once again, but Nadia refuses to put up with it. “Get out of here, leave my fucking room right now,” Nadia tells him, but Aiden has something else in mind.

He pulls up a entrancement app on his phone and places it directly in front of his sister’s face. Nadia’s eyes immediately lock onto the spiral, and Aiden gives her directions to listen to his voice, and to do anything he tells her to do. “And when I snap my fingers, you’re going to be entranced, and completely in love with me,” he finishes saying.

“Now, sis, you were just doing a striptease for me,” he tells her. Nadia’s eyes are emotionless, blank, and her voice is monotone, “Yes, Master.” Without hesitation, she stands up and follows his commands, eventually stripping down to her bare, nude body, and then masturbates on the bed.

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Mesmerized Sister Gets Fucked feat. Nadia White


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