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Worshiping Bella’s Belly Button And Making Her Orgasm




Bella was wearing a short, revealing top, exposing her flat stomach, and I couldn’t shift my eyes away from her gorgeous bellybutton. I had to touch it, so I rubbed it gently, and took her by surprise. “You have such a pretty, little bellybutton,” I smiled. I told her that I wanted to play with it, and ran my fingertips across her belly. I could tell by the way she was twitching and sucking in that she liked it. I felt the goosebumps crawl all over her body.

I softly swirled my fingers around her bellybutton, and given the temptation, ran my tongue across her soft skin. Just circling her button gave me such pleasure, but I wanted her to really experience the pleasure herself. I dug my finger deep into her hole, shaking it, and then plunged my tongue deep inside. I would tease her, easing up with soft strokes, and then go quicker, giving her amazing belly orgasms. I kissed her beautiful bellybutton, and then licked, and soon I heard nothing but moans…

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Worshiping Bella’s Belly Button And Making Her Orgasm