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I Turned My Husband Into A Woman




I’m afraid that my sex life with my husband is completely dead. He’ll usually get back from work, plop right into bed, and began to dream. I try to fool around, but he’s always tired. I’ve tried to make things interesting, offering the idea of a threesome with another woman, but he’s too conservative for that sort of thing. I needed to save our marriage.

I often have bisexual fantasies and want to experiment, but my husband would never let me. I didn’t want any type of woman, though. I wanted a big breasted woman–one that I could touch all over, and never get bored of. My husband just wanted us.

After he rejected my ideas once again and began resting, I knew things had to change. I hope you’ll understand my reasons for changing him into a woman. I was nervous…I had no idea what his reaction would be. Maybe he’d be pissed at me, or maybe he’d love his female body.

I had butterflies, waiting for that moment when my new husband would wake up. As soon as I saw his face, I thought he was beautiful. I asked for a morning kiss, and ran my fingers through his long hair. I told him he looked pretty, and he got confused, so I showed him his new gorgeous hair. I smiled as he jerked back, felt his face and hair, heard his high-pitched voice, and then looked down to see his female body. “Oh my god, I’m a woman.” I laughed at his reaction, and told him to relax.

He continued to look down at his new body, confused at what had occurred. “I sound like a girl. Oh my god, am I a girl right now? …What did you do?” I knew it would take some time for him to adjust, so I told him to stand up and get acquainted with his body. I convinced him to touch his chest, and he actually squeezed his big tits! I think he got more excited as he saw how beautiful his body really was. I playfully grabbed his ass, laughing at how big and round it was.

“I’m not a bad looking chick, am I? What does my face look like?” He looked in the mirror, and fell in love with his face, smiling at his own reflection. I knew he’d love touching himself, but when he reached down, he was thrown off…his penis was missing. He learned to rub his clit, and I saw him finally relax. I knew it made him feel good.

Soon, he was moaning, and I was turned on. I asked him to lie down, crawled over him, and began exploring my hot husband. I groped and bounced his huge chest, and then ran my fingers inside of his tight pussy. He felt perfect, I couldn’t help myself. I began fingering him, showing him what it really felt like to be a woman. His moans grew louder, and he was smiling as he got pleasured. I knew I’d love my new husband, or should I call him my wife?

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I Turned My Husband Into A Woman

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