My Job Is To Reprogram Malfunctioning Robots




With the advancement of technology, job opportunities have opened up everywhere. New robots have been developed, and although most fear they will take our jobs, the technology needs to be maintained. That’s my job.

I work for a company that specializes in fixing broken robots. After the fembots have been damaged, or are no longer in good use, we test them, and then reprogram them to provide a new purpose. There are all types of reasons they ship them to our company. The CPU overheats, the memory goes bad, hard drives fail, their software crashes…it’s a lot to keep up with.

Today I received two more broken stripperbots. They were shut off when I received them, so I needed to power them on to see what the problem was. I decided to test the WhitneyBot first. “Activating WhitneyBot… Sequence: stripper mode. Would you like me to dance for you?” The fembot began stripping, and her speech was perfect. Her movements seemed to have no problem at all, so after a minute of watching, I decided to power on the FifiBot.

“FifiBot activated. Would- would- would- would- you like me to strip for you?” She immediately started malfunctioning, repeating phrases, and freezing in place. Her movements were extremely jagged as she tried to perform her purpose, and soon I could hear WhitneyBot’s speech starting to slip up. “Would- would- you like us to strrrrriiiipppppppp together?… I am programmed to like girls, too.”

WhitneyBot started rubbing and licking FifiBot’s chest, and FifiBot just froze in place, wide-eyed and blank. She’d snap back in, but everything she said or did was malfunctioning. “Would you like to see my- my- my- my- my- pussy?… I play with other girls.” With the obvious need for correction, I decided to test the other modes to see if they needed to be adjusted as well.

When I pressed the button, they started giggling, indicating this was their bimbo mode. Their movements were out of control, glitching and shaking, and FifiBot’s speech seemed to have gotten worse. “Look at my perfect- perfect- per- per- per- per- perfect chest.” WhitneyBot’s voice sounded like it was almost vibrating, and her head movements were everywhere. The robots were competing for my attention. Their modes were going in and out, so I needed to test out their new chips.

I set the chips on their chest, hoping to reprogram them into cleaning bots, and they immediately upgraded. “Reprogramming…” I powered them back on, “WhitneyMaidBot 3000. Is there anything you would like me to clean, Master?” With their speech improved, I wanted to test out their new programs, so I gave them simple cleaning tasks. Everything was going great until FifiBot started switching from her new cleaning program to a stripper bot, and then to her bimbo mode. Her speech slipped up, and she started to repeat words again.

It wasn’t long before WhitneyBot followed the same pattern, and the robots were getting really confused. They started trying to clean each other, polishing each other’s chest, and repeated, “Error, error, error.” FifiBot kept exclaiming she needed reprogramming, and then both fembots shut down from extreme malfunctioning. I can’t believe that happened. The customers are going to be so pissed…

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My Job Is To Reprogram Malfunctioning Robots

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