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Training My Stepmom and Stepsister


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My stepmom always makes such a big deal over nothing. All I wanted to do was get something to eat from the fridge, sit down, and relax. But, of course, it wasn’t long before she barged in complaining about the dirty dishes on the table. I swear, she always does this. I asked her to pick them up, and she got even more pissed off. I mean, isn’t that her job?

Stepmom was cleaning the dishes when my stepsister walked in. I saw her open the fridge, but then stepmom asked her to help. Stepmom was cussing, calling me a lazy son of a bitch, and she got my stepsister all stirred and started. They were back to back, complaining, and talking about how I needed to start cleaning. I didn’t even think there were that many dishes. They were acting like I wasn’t even there, and that I couldn’t hear them!

I told them to stop complaining, and they snapped, telling me to shut up. All I wanted to do was watch TV in peace, but no, they wouldn’t let me. I pulled the chips from my pocket, and looked at them thoroughly. I had thought about doing something to teach them a lesson, but I wasn’t sure if I could bring myself to do it. The more I thought about it, the more I decided it was the perfect time. I picked up my plate, walked into the kitchen, and handed it to stepmom. As she started bitching, I walked around her and quickly placed the chip on her neck. Her eyes fluttered, and after a second, her head went down.

When she stopped complaining, my stepsister grew suspicious. “Stepmom?… Stepmom? What the fuck?” My stepsister turned towards her, and as she did, I wrapped around her neck, and placed the chip on her. Her eyes fluttered and rolled, and soon she was down. I was excited to see that, not only did the chips swipe their mental state, but it also changed their physical appearance. My stepmom and stepsister were wearing maid outfits, which couldn’t be more appropriate for all the complaining they were doing.

Their heads stayed down, eyes closed, and they remained lifeless until I activated them. Once I did, they lifted their heads, opened their eyes, stared straight ahead, and waited for my command. I made Stepmom face me, and get down on her knees, and then called for my stepsister. She responded with a “Yes, Master,” and proceeded to do the same.

Both were emotionless as I commanded them to suck my cock. They took turns, moving and talking in an almost hypn0tized way. I could make them do anything. I told stepmom to bend over the counter, and then my stepsister, and they responded with a “Yes, Master.” I smacked their ass, and then fingered them, making them wet for their new Master.

I started with my stepsister. When she was wet enough, I pushed my cock inside of her, and fucked her. I went back and forth between them, and I didn’t hear a word. Not a fucking word. Not one complaint. They stared straight ahead, and were in complete obedience. I told them that, from now on, they would listen to every order I gave them. They responded with a “Yes, Master.” I fucked my stepmom and stepsister over and over, taking turns with them, and then commanded they get to their knees. I jerked my cock until I was ready, and exploded all over both of their faces. Satisfied, I told them to stand up, and to clean the fucking dishes. And they did…with their faces covered in my cum.

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Training My Stepmom and Stepsister