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Taboo Game Night: Stripped


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This game was completely unscripted with no winners or losers predetermined. The embarrassing tasks were improvised by the players themselves. The card game chosen could only be won with pure luck, which meant no skill was required to play. We had no idea what to expect!

It’s Friday night, and stepmom is making us stay in for “Family Game Night.” There’s so many other things I could be doing, but no, here I am, stuck playing cards. Even my stepbrother, Aiden, despises game night. It’s so boring, and we always do the same thing.

Stepmom wanted to play War…again. If you’ve never played War, it’s a pretty simple game. The dealer a card to each player, and when you’re ready, everyone flips them over at the same time. Whoever has the highest card wins that round. If someone draws the same card as you, it’s “War.” You both get a new card, and whoever has the highest card wins. Pretty easy, right?

After a few rounds, stepmom saw that we were getting really bored, so she decided to spice things up a bit. She suggested we play Strip War. She explained that, for each round, the losers would have to remove one piece of clothing. The winner, at the end of each round, could make the losers do any sort of silly thing, allowing us to even take out our frustrations on each other. It could be embarrassing, humiliating–whatever we wanted.

With the new game rules in tact, we started a new round. I was kind of nervous, but I didn’t think stepmom was serious. When my older stepsister, Whitney, won the first round, I knew stepmom meant it. My stepbrother, stepmom, and me all had to take off a piece of clothing. Stepmom saw that we were being awkward about it, so she went first, and pulled down her skirt to reveal a thong! I didn’t know stepmom wore thongs. Next was my stepbrother, which was no big deal, but then I had to go. I was super embarrassed, and really didn’t want to, but they kept saying I had to. I hesitantly pulled off my dress, and covered my body with my arms.

I thought it was over, but since my stepsister won that round, she got to pick something for one of us to do. She told stepmom to spank both me and Aiden. I had to bend over the table, and stepmom spanked me good, exposing me in my thong to everyone. Ugh…thank God that round was over.

Now that we had a feel for the game, things got more intense. Each of us were desperately trying to win, but winning the rounds was pure luck. We had no idea what cards we were being dealt. Needless to say, we were all naked by the end of the game, stripped of all our clothing, and expose our naked bodies to one another. And oh God, the “tasks” the losers had to do…you have no idea. They were so embarrassing, but awesome when I made everyone else do them.

Let’s just say my family knows one another pretty well now.

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Taboo Game Night: Stripped