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Uncontrollable Growth Candies




Mrs. Peters called me in a panic to watch her house. Usually she’s good about chatting for a minute, but she sounded like she was in a rush today. I don’t know what caused her to be so anxious, but I’m sure it was something stupid like a hair appointment, or buying new shoes. She’s always spending money on her appearance.

Ah, who cares. I was stuck watching this nice house in a nice neighborhood. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens here. That’s what makes it easy money. Hell, I don’t even have to babysit any .

Well, I was bored, so I started to look around for something to eat. I opened the cabinets to find they were completely empty. Figures. Someone like Mrs. Peters probably goes out to eat. I moved some of the cups, and found a container of chewable tablets. They smelled so good. I figured they were candies or some type of mint, so I dropped one into my mouth, and chewed it up.

Still on my quest to find food, I opened the fridge, but was distracted by a weird feeling. I tried to shake it off, but it just wouldn’t go away. I held my throat. Why is it so…warm? It was so overwhelming that I felt my eyes roll back, and suddenly I felt my body get heavier. Are my boobs getting bigger!? My ass even looked huge. Oh my god, I’m getting…big.

My boobs were getting so big that they pushed my shirt down. I was panting, trying to catch my breath, and could feel my chest getting warmer. I was scared, but I started to like the new look. A bigger ass, chest…and I was even taller. But uh…uh, oh god, this couldn’t be good.

My body jerked up, and I was even taller. I was, like, six feet! What’s going on…? What’s wrong with me? Oh god, I can feel it…NOT AGAIN!

I’m like the jolly green giant! AH! This is not what I wanted to take. Oh no, it’s coming back again. I don’t want to get taller, I don’t want to get taller, I DON’T WANT TO GET TALLER!

Oh god, I’m getting too close to the ceiling. Oh no, no, no, no. I don’t want to get bigger. Please.

My body jerked up again, and my head was right next to the ceiling. I pressed my hands up against it, trying to control my body from pushing through the top.

Somebody…I’m going to break through the roof. Where are the pills to get me down!? No, no, no–I can’t grow any taller. SOMEBODY HELP ME!

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Uncontrollable Growth Candies

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