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Programming Perfection: My StepSon Deserves The Best




I knew this day would come, and oh how I’ve dreaded it. The day my sweet boy would bring in a girl that wasn’t right for him. Heaven knows that nobody is good enough for my little boy. He’s so sweet, caring, and loving–a dream come true. A girl would be lucky to have him.

My darling boy, Aiden, surprised me with a visit, and I was so happy to see him. I hugged him tightly, and was introduced to the lovely lady whom he spoke so highly of. Surely the boy was naive, because this girl was dressed in practically nothing, and when she hugged me, she grabbed my butt. This made me incredibly nervous…I needed to fix it right away.

Aiden told me he needed to take care of a few things, and while he did, said I should get acquainted with Bella. Instead of passing further judgment, I thought it’d be fair to my StepSon to talk with her. I sat her down by the table, and asked her a few questions–just to see where she stood. It is my little boy’s heart she has, after all.

I asked her about her job, and she told me she didn’t have one. In fact, she told me that my StepSon paid for everything. That included her hair, outfits, nails–anything she wanted or needed. Maybe she had some other redeeming qualities. Surely she must clean or cook for my boy, but no, she was spoiled and snotty. She even made my StepSon do that, and to top it all off, she didn’t care…he was her maid.

I was furious. My sweet boy was being taken advantage of by this…this whore, and I couldn’t stand for it. Things needed to change. Even her tattoos and attire were disturbing. I excused myself, and found, what I thought would save my StepSon, the chip I’d been holding onto. I felt it in my hands, and began having second thoughts, but I assured myself this was the right thing to do. I pretended to be interested in Bella’s pretty hair, and quickly placed the chip on her neck. Her eyes closed, and her head went down immediately.

While she was out, I tried to figure out what to do. I knew I didn’t have much time, so I quickly gathered my thoughts, and pulled myself together. This was a disaster. I sat in front of Bella and said, “BellaBot activate.” Her head rose slowly, and her eyes opened wide. “Hi, I am BellaBot.”

She stared straight ahead, frozen, and I walked around her, trying to figure out how to “fix” her. After a few seconds, she raised her top and started groping her chest, repeating “I am BellaBot, I am BellaBot.” I don’t know what happened, but I think the chip adjusted to her normal personality. It made her mindless, and her actions were completely inappropriate. I covered my eyes, and quickly deactivated her. Her eyes closed, and her head fell down. She definitely needed reprogramming.

I needed something that would swipe her mind, and get rid of any sort of undesirable qualities she had. I activated her into a “perfect girlfriend mode.” Her eyes opened wide, and her head raised, “Hi, I am BellaBot.” I decided to test the mode by asking if she liked to cook and clean. She answered, “Yes, Master,” so I knew the chip was working correctly.

Unfortunately, with no real experience, I knew she had to be taught. It’s only right that my precious boy have the best. And who better to teach than his own StepMother? I called for BellaBot to come to the sink, and she did so, walking in slow, jagged movements. I instructed and supervised her, making sure she was doing everything perfectly. Satisfied, I moved her to another task.

BellaBot was obedient, replying, “Yes, Master” after every command. I continued to instruct and supervise her, but saw something my StepSon might question. Her slow, jagged movements were obvious, and I didn’t want my StepSon to suspect a thing. I had a new task for her; I wanted her to mimic my human-like movements. The way I moved my arms, my legs, even my hips–she needed to really sell herself to my boy.

After a few exercises, I was pleased, and called for my sweet boy. He came in, and I told him that I loved his new girlfriend. He was so happy, and was even more excited to hear that Bella would be the one cooking tonight.

Like I said, my boy deserves the best.

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Programming Perfection: My StepSon Deserves The Best

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