Alexis Rain vs Aiden Valentine




After watching a wrestling match where a guy taps out, Alexis makes a comment that she could kick any guy’s ass. Aiden laughs, claiming men are statistically stronger, and that there’s no way she’d stand a chance.

Alexis gets offended, and begins showing off her huge biceps to Aiden. Not threatened, Aiden says he could easily take her, and Alexis says she’s game.

This match was completely unscripted with no predetermination of who would actually win. We had no idea what to expect!

Alexis is 4’11 at 125 pounds going up against Aiden’s 6’1, 130 pounds.

Alexis pulls off her shirt, revealing her muscular, toned body in a colorful bikini. Aiden gets down to his boxers, into a wrestling stance, and they begin. Unexpectedly, Aiden gets thrown down immediately, but is able to flip himself over. Unfortunately for him, Alexis locks his body in between her quads, making his body and face to turn red.

After some struggling, Aiden escapes, but is soon pulled back in by her muscular legs. He attempts to pick her up, but is dragged back to the floor. After some twisting, he is able to escape, but keeps finding himself locked into stronger holds, including several scissorholds.

At one point, Alexis is even able to chokehold his head between her bicep and forearm. He pants, trying to catch his breath, and after a few more holds, someone has to tap out. The loser gets humiliated.

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Alexis Rain vs Aiden Valentine

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