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My Sister is an Escort




This is a HIGHLY recommended taboo clip. Natural dialog, acting, and incredible story line. One of our best!

in the sister‘s words…

I’ve been working for this agency for a while now. I’m not exactly proud of it, but it helps pay the bills. When I arrived at the address they gave me, I was shocked to see my brother looking back at me. He asked what I was doing there, and I narrowed my eyes, “I’m supposed to be here, I have an appointment.” He looked around and quickly pulled me inside.

I sat down on the couch, and he sat beside me. I looked at him, “Don’t you have a roommate or something?” He kept insisting that I needed to leave, that he was meeting someone, but I wasn’t going to go. This was the address the agency gave me. When I mentioned the word “agency,” my brother asked what type of work I do. Ah, fuck. I told him…I was an escort. It’s like something started to make sense in his head, “You’re THE escort?”

THE escort? What? What’s that supposed to mean? “Well, um…if you have to know,” he said, “I called an escort. I guess you’re that escort then, right?” Hell no, that’s disgusting. And on top of that, he actually had enough nerve to lecture me about how I shouldn’t be doing it. I rolled my eyes; I’ve heard the speech a million times. I explained to him that I needed money for bills, for school–a normal job just wasn’t going to cut it.

I couldn’t believe what came out of his mouth next. “Well, if you need the money so bad, then why don’t you suck my cock?” Haha, fuck no. He could do the nice brotherly thing and just lend me the money until next month. I told him I’d pay him back. I wasn’t going to suck his cock because he was my brother.

Oh, but he had to go into detail. He wasn’t going to just loan me the money. Since he already paid, he planned on getting his needs taken care of, and he didn’t care if I thought it was gross or not. The next thing I know he’s threatening to call my agency if I don’t service him. I actually had to chase him into his bedroom before he had a chance to call.

I yanked the phone out of his hand and sighed, “Fine, you know what? I wanna keep my job so bad that I’ll just fucking suck your dick, or whatever it is you want me to do.” I was so grossed out, and my brother didn’t waste any time. “Get naked,” he demanded at me. I was reluctant, so he kept pushing. He even wanted me to be “sexy” about it. Fuck him. As soon as my dress came off, he started groping my tits. I just wanted this to be over with.

Once I got naked, he wanted me to suck his cock. I tried to avoid it by giving him a handjob at first, but he was so turned on that he wanted my mouth on it. He slapped me across the face with his cock, and I reluctantly put it in my mouth. He started pushing my head down onto it, and I even had to suck his balls.

After a bit, he told me to lay back and spread my legs. He started rubbing my clit, and I lied there in utter disgust. He tried to kiss me, practically forcing me to, and I had to push him off. We didn’t need to kiss, or do any of that mushy bullshit. He started to move his way down, licking and sucking my chest, and then eventually to my pussy. Not one bit of me was turned on, and I let him know that.

He moved my body into a doggystyle position and started fucking me. Between breathes he said, “You’re so tight, sis.” Gross. I didn’t want to hear that. He laid me on my back and fucked me missionary style, and then made me ride on top of him. He was watching my face, and looking me in the eye. God, he was making it fucking weird.

Finally, god yes, finally…he was ready to cum. But, of course, he had to be a dick about it. He pinned my arms down with his knees, and then started jerking his cock. That sick fuck was going to give me a facial. He got it all over my face and in my hair. And, as he still had me pinned, made me suck my juices off his cock. He really got off on this control thing. I thought he was done, but he wiped my face with his finger, getting some cum, and then forced it into my mouth to taste. I felt like I was going to throw up.

He finally got up, and before I could even clean up, he told me to get out. I’ve never felt like such a whore. Guess he got his money’s worth.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister, brother calls for an escort, sister (escort) shows up, brother blackmails sister by saying he will call her agency if she doesn’t service him, forced stripping, handjob, blowjob, ball sucking/licking, clit rubbing, forced kissing, chest groping/licking, pussy eating and licking, doggystyle sex, missionary, cowgirl, facial, big cumshot, forced cum tasting, POV shots, close-ups

4/5 (2 Reviews)

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My Sister is an Escort

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