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Gender Swap Virus Turns Aiden into a Girl




Aiden Valentine is an essential worker that has been working throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. He comes home from work and is felling a bit under the weather. The next day he calls off work too, but his breasts are feeling sore. He trys lying down to see if he can sleep it off. But while he’s asleep his body changes — his hair grows out, and his breasts swell.

He wakes up in the morning and slowly comes to the realization that he’s been transformed into a female. He’s got long nails, long brown hair, breasts and a pussy. He goes through his girl’s clothes to find an appropriate outfit for his new body. As he’s trying on clothes he gets distracted by his new body. He’s horny, so he lies down and masturbates in his bed. Orgasms are so much more intense when you have a clit!

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Gender Swap Virus Turns Aiden into a Girl



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