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The Harley Quinn Pleasure Injection: Cloning for an Evil Mayor




You wake up in a complete state of delirium. Your vision is blurred, and there is an intense ringing in your ear. Your head is spinning as you try to grasp what’s happened to you. You quickly realize that you have no idea where you are, and as you lift up your head, you see that you’re naked. You look forward to see the dangerous Harley Quinn looking back at you. You can’t believe your eyes when you see, not one, but TWO smiling back at you.

Oh, hi! Good morning! We got the mayor, we got the mayor. Hahahaha! Mr. J would be so proud of us. So, here’s the deal, little Mayor. I’ve injected a serum inside of you that, whenever you feel pleasure, drains you over and over until you’re weak and nothing. Shall we get started? I’m so excited!

One of the Harley’s turns on her magic wand and runs it over your cock, letting the vibrations stiffen you. The other moves a spiked pinwheel over your inner thigh, and then begins tying up your legs.

Ugh, this is taking too long. I bet you’re feeling pretty weak right now, aren’t you? Poor little Mayor…what would Gotham do without you? You can’t escape, stupid. The B-man’s not going to save you. He doesn’t even know where we’re at!

Oh, you’re probably wondering what we’re going to do with you. Oh, you have no idea. We plan on making a clone of you once we collect your semen. You’re going to be working for us. You’re going to be an evil mayor!

WHAT’S THAT? NO! Batman’s not going to save you. YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. You hear that? It’s almost ready to CUM out. Oh god, I have so many plans for you. I don’t even know how I want to k1ll you yet! Suffocate you, dr.0wn you, ELECTROCUTE you.

You know I need that specimen. DON’T FUCK WITH ME! Give it up! You’re getting weaker… Our little puddin’ is going to love us so much. Can’t you tell? He cloned us. Which one is the REAL Harley Quinn? Hahahaha!

The two Harley Quinn’s continue to stroke, lick, suck, and pleasure your cock. They pull out their medical cup, awaiting your release, but you try to resist. The pleasure injection makes you weaker, and eventually, you pass out.

Hey, WAKE UP! We’re not done with you. We’re going to get that cum out of you whether you like it or not. You were almost drained, weren’t you?

Your body is weak, but the villains continue to force a release. Finally, even though desperate not to, you erupt, and they collect your load inside their cup.

Look at all the semen! All the baby Mayors floating in a little cup! Time to k1ll him. Oh no, you’re going to d1e anyways! I should have told you. At least you got to cum, huh? Time to hook it up! Buh bye. Batman never saved you! Hahahah!

One of the Harley’s attaches multiple electrical wires around your face and body. She hits the switch, and electricity disperses through the wires, electrocuting you. Your mind and body start to fry, and you’re forced to watch as the villains laugh at you before you d1e.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Little Mina, Harley Quinn, mayor k1dnapped (you, POV), delirium, disoriented, pleasure injection to make you weaker, magic wand, spiked pinwheel, rope, tied up, cock teasing, blowjob, handjob, licking, kissing, sucking, laughing, Harley Quinn clones, collecting your semen to clone you, evil mayor, passing out, forced male orgasm, electrocution, electricity, k1lling, executrix, mask fetish, special fx, sound effects

TL;DR (summary): Mr. J has sent Harley Quinn to go find and k1dnap the mayor of Gotham (you). When you wake up, you’re disoriented, and in a state of delirium. You look down to see that you’ve been stripped of your clothing, and quickly realize you have no idea where you are. As you look forward, you see two Harley Quinn’s staring back at you. They explain that they’ve injected you with a serum that, whenever you feel pleasure, drains you until you’re weak and nothing. They do this to ensure that you are unable to escape, and of course, to have fun themselves.

Their mission is to collect your cum through pleasure while weakening you at the same time. They lick, suck, kiss, and stroke your cock, attempting to pump out your load. Mr. J’s new plan of taking over Gotham involves cloning you. He figures that, if he can collect your semen, he can clone you into an evil mayor and destroy any evidence of doing so by k1lling you. He has already tested his cloning plan on Harley, thus creating the extra one torturing you. The villains electrocute you once they’ve collected what they need.

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The Harley Quinn Pleasure Injection: Cloning for an Evil Mayor