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Step Sister Mindfuck Session and Sex




My step sister Kitana Kojima has never been put into a trance before. The perfect test subject to try out my skills on. She’s so naiive, I’ve mesmerized plenty of girls before. My sister is this hot-blooded latina that’s always confrontational. If she wasn’t such a bitch she would be a lot more attractive. She’s hot though, I’ve always wanted to fuck her since mom and dad got together. Now’s my chance. I tell her to relax and listen to the sound of my voice, she follows my commands. I get more intense with the mind fucking and get her entranced by me. She’s obeying my orders now so I tell her to strip off her clothes and suck my cock. Then I finally fuck her brains out, what’s left of them that is.

3.5/5 (6 Reviews)

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2 reviews for Step Sister Mindfuck Session and Sex

  1. Frederick Reich

    That “checked out” look in her d34d eyes will always get me off. Hopefully she’ll be back. Definitely my favorite.

  2. pjherington84

    Nice job so far

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Step Sister Mindfuck Session and Sex


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