The Work Assistant




This clip is packed with special effects and sound effects! A great deal of time was spent on the video, and we consider it to be one of our best for this category. 

An infomercial plays on the TV in Aiden’s hotel:

On average, workers spend 8 hours a day at work, 8 hours sleeping, and the rest is YOUR time. Our fembot units are your personal assistant. But, what if you had more time? So you can have more time for the things you enjoy. This is the future…shouldn’t it *feel* like the future? Call 1-800-FEM-BOTS. That’s 1-800-FEM-BOTS. Order now.

Aiden is a traveling businessman who is constantly stressed over the mindless, never-ending, grunt work that comes along with his job. As he watches the infomercial on the TV in his lonely hotel room, he decides that, not only would a fembot be a great assistant for his work, but it could also keep him company on his business trips.

The doorbell rings, and Aiden sees the beautiful, flawless, redheaded fembot in front of him. Confused how she works, he says a simple command, “Power on,” and her eyes flutter. She sticks out her hand, “Hi, I’m Ludellabot, your personal assistant – how may I assist you?” Her voice is robotic and monotone as she speaks, and Aiden proceeds to invite her in.

Eager to try out his new assistant, he hands her a few papers and commands her to scan them on the machine beside the bed. Rather than do that, Ludellabot is equipped her own scanning system. Her eyes glow as she scans the paper up and down, and then drops the paper on the ground. She bends at the waist, attempting to pick up the paper, but stops midway from a glitch, “Batt-ery low. Please re-charge.”

Aiden is excited by Ludellabot’s amazing features, and as she stays bent down, he becomes curious to see how REAL she actually looks. He lifts her dress and is impressed by her very realistic physique. She lifts back up, normal again after being frozen for a few seconds, and tilts her head towards him, “Oh, let me get that for you.” She bends back down, picks up the paper, and hands it to him.

Although Aiden has plenty of work for her, his mind goes back to her gorgeous body. “I’m able to comp-lete ov-er 1000 diff-erent bus-iness tasks,” she says with wide eyes. He asks about some sexier tasks, but unfortunately, she tells him that she doesn’t have the correct modules for those things.

Aiden is bummed for a second, but then makes the best of it, unfastening her top to reveal her perky, round tits. Because his fembot is so incredibly sexy, he wants to have some fun. He looks at the upgrade he purchased along with her, a stripperbot module, and then installs it into her breastbone.

Ludellabot’s eyes flutter, “Stripperbot module detected. Module upload complete.” Aiden voice activates her stripper mode, and after a few seconds, Ludellabot’s expression changes. A big smile appears on her face, and she giggles, “Did somebody order a stripper? I’m here because I love to party.” She begins dancing, but glitches again from her low battery. She falls helplessly onto the bed, and then shifts her head quickly from side to side. “Did something order a stripper?” she asks in a lower tone.

Ludellabot gets up and continues her dance, but her malfunctioning becomes worse. “Batt-ery low, please re-charge,” she says. Her movements become more stiff, she often locks into place, and then whips her head around violently. The fembot falls onto the bed again, still shaking her head from the glitches, but picks herself up as if nothing happened.

The robot giggles, her body swinging in a perfect dance, but within a few seconds, her glitches come back. As her battery drains, her speech turns into stutters, she repeats phrases, her eyes wink out of control, and her mouth moves all over her face. Her jagged movements speed up, her body harshly shifts from side to side, and soon, she is completely out of control. Smoke leaks out of her body from a lack of power to her cooling system. She overheats, and with no battery left, she self shuts down. “I need to re-charrrrrrrrge,” she says bending at the waist, her eyes still wide open, and a cloud of smoke whistling out of her.

This clip includes: Ludella Hahn, Aiden Valentine, lonely businessman orders a fembot that he hears about from a infomercial to help him with work & to keep him company during his business trips, robot, fembot, Ludellabot, commands, wide eyes, robotic movement & speech, special effects, sound effects, she is able to scan his paperwork w/ her eyes, glitching from low battery, malfunctioning, freezing in place, bent at the waist, Aiden checks out her realistic body, wants to have fun with her instead of working, topless, decides to use the stripperbot upgrade on her, reprogramming, puts chip on her breastbone, loading, changing from business mode to stripperbot, stripper mode, dancing, smiling, giggling, violent head shakes and body movements, falling onto bed, eye blinking, mouth moving all over the face, sped up & jagged movements, repeated phrases & stuttered speech, stripping & dancing, sexy talk, perky tits, woman following orders, system overheating from a lack of power to the cooling system, tone of voice changing & sound effects, self shut down, zapping & electricity sound effects, smoke & laser effects

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The Work Assistant

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