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This clip is packed with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. We are extremely happy with the outcome!

I’ve been watching Mr. Fancy Scientist for a while now. I was sent out to figure out what exactly he’d been working on, and to, of course, steal it. They didn’t tell me what this mysterious tablet did, but if I was sent out to take it, I knew it’d be good.

I lucked out, weeks after watching him. I saw him walk into his house, and then shortly after, walk back out without his briefcase. He must have forgotten something at the lab. I snuck in and found the orange tablet in a green container. Bingo. It glowed brightly. Maybe I could be the test subject. Surely there were more; he couldn’t have made just one. After all, I deserved whatever powers this thing had, and who knows what the side effects could be.

I chewed it up, and god, did it taste disgusting. Seriously, he could have added some flavor. I didn’t feel a thing. Was this…a decoy? Maybe the real one was somewhere else. Whoa, I felt something warm go throughout my body. Was there any AC in this place? But then, it started to feel good. Almost like a warm blanket wrapped around me. That only lasted for a second because I started getting uncomfortably warm, and then tingly.

I panicked. What was going on? I felt like my legs were…I don’t know…stretching? My eye level raised, and I quickly discovered I had grown. Holy shit, is this what the tablet does? I felt like my whole body was stretching, and fuck, I was so warm.

My chest started tingling, and my shirt ripped open, exposing my bigger tits! AH! They were huge. My legs, oh no, my legs…I felt them stretching again. I shot into the air. What if I got TOO big!? Would I even be able to leave this house? I could be caught, I could go to jail. I was too overwhelmed with sensations to focus.

My heels started getting too tight, and I could feel my feet bursting out of them. I felt myself grow again. I kicked my shoes off, and my toes burst through my pantyhose. As the material stretched, my nylons began to crack and tear.

As my legs grew, my skirt started to rise. It just wouldn’t stop. I grew again! I turned around to look at my ass, and it was HUGE. Could my ass bust through a wall!? Everything was getting bigger. Oh no, I could feel it again. I grew, and I was even closer to the ceiling. I could practically touch it now. My shirt had ripped even more, and I felt like I was still stretching…that my skin was still tightening. Stupid, stupid me! I should have never taken that tablet.

I felt pleasure throughout my body each time I grew. It felt so good, but fuck, this didn’t look good. I needed to figure out how to get out of here. I couldn’t even see in front of me…my tits were so huge! Could I hide somewhere in here? Was I too big? What the hell was I going to do!? I could feel myself still stretching, still growing…

This clip includes: Terra Mizu, Aiden Valentine, spy is sent out to steal competitor scientist’s secret tablet, takes glowing tablet instead of returning with it, warm and tingling feeling, growth, growing, several height increases, breast expansion, huge tits, shirt rips, uncontrollable growth, pleasure with growth, moaning, stretching, heels are too small, ripped and torn pantyhose, toes burst through hose, ass expansion, big ass, giant/giantess, big, tall, body inflation, special fx, sound effects

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A Secret Formula for Growth

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