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Face Swap…Wait, Body Swap!?




“You gotta check this out,” Aiden says plopping down beside his sister. “I just downloaded this new app.” Nyxon rolls her eyes, well-aware of the oh-so-popular face swap app. Although his sister thinks it’s lame, Aiden insists that she try it with him.

“Just don’t tag me in anything, okay?” Nyxon tells him. Aiden agrees, and the two pose for a picture. “That didn’t even work,” Aiden says looking at the screen of his phone. “It’s probably outdated,” Nyxon replies, but Aiden is distracted.

“Is it just me, or am I…looking at myself?” Aiden says confused. He runs his hands through Nyxon’s hair, and Nyxon places her hand on Aiden’s face. “What did your stupid app do?” Aiden (who is actually Nyxon) says frustrated. “I’m in YOUR body right now.” Rather than stress out about it, Aiden, now in Nyxon’s body, looks down to see tits. “Ohhhh, boobs!” he says grabbing at Nyxon’s perky chest.

“Seriously, don’t touch my boobs like that,” Nyxon, now trapped in Aiden’s body, says narrowing her eyes. Since there’s not much she can do about him groping her body, she grabs his crotch. “Stop touching my junk,” Aiden protests.

“Oh my god, is my ass really that flat?” Aiden laughs. He turns his body around and looks at it from a new, different perspective. “I gotta go to the gym and do squats.” The two, still in shock, touch their original bodies, and then compare their new ones to them. Nyxon, in Aiden’s body, now has a flat chest, a small ass, short hair, and a dick. Aiden, however, now has big, perky tits, a round ass, long hair, and a vagina.

“Am I really that short?” Nyxon asks looking down at her original body. “I need to start working out. Look at those little chicken legs,” Aiden says looking at himself. After getting adjusted for a few minutes, Nyxon (in Aiden’s body) realizes that she needs to go to the bathroom.

“I have to pee. How do you pee like a guy? You sit down…you stand up,” Nyxon confirms with her brother. “You stand up, whip it out…” Aiden explains. Once Nyxon leaves for the restroom, Aiden decides it’s time to have some fun. He rushes to take Nyxon’s shirt off, and then bounces up and down in her body, “Boobs, boobs, boobs!”

“How do girls wear these things? Boob harnesses…” Aiden says to himself as he struggles with his sister’s bra. His hands magnetize to his nice, new, perky boobs. “Yes, oh my god…I would never leave the house!” He squeezes, jiggles, and plays with Nyxon’s perfect tits.

With a growing curiosity, he runs her hand down to her pussy and gives it a light touch. “It’s so sensitive!” Unable to control himself, he strips Nyxon’s body down and begins rubbing her pussy, enjoying all the sensations that come along with it.

He smiles with pleasure, but is soon shocked and embarrassed when his sister comes back into the room. “Seriously!? Cover yourself up! Cover myself up!” Nyxon says throwing a bra over her exposed body. “Well…you have THIS – this is awesome!” Aiden says defending himself.

Since Aiden refuses to cover up, Nxyon decides to give her brother a taste of his own medicine. She takes off his shirt, and then unbuckles his pants before walking off to “experiment” with his body. Aiden screams in protest, “No, no, no – don’t you dare,” but his sister doesn’t care. “It’s fair,” Nyxon shrugs.

This clip includes: Nyxon, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister, brother wants to try a face swap app with her sister, accidental swap, body swap, body switch, brother & sister swap bodies, brother & sister compare new bodies to their old ones, groping, ass grabbing, height/body/face comparison, sister goes off to pee as a boy, brother begins to have fun w/ his sister’s body, tit groping, squeezing & jiggling boobs, masturbation, clit rubbing, sister walks in on her brother playing with her body, brother is shocked & embarrassed, sister tells brother that she’s going to go experiment with his body as payback, male to female, female to male, special effect

4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

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Face Swap…Wait, Body Swap!?

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