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Brother & Sister Madly in Love




This is a clip where brother and sister are madly in love. It’s very romantic, passionate, and intimate. 

We were madly in love. I can’t even begin to explain how it happened, or how it progressed to become this…but it was everything to the both of us. It was almost cheesy like the love stories you see in Disney movies or corny romantic comedies, but it was real. The way we felt for each other was undeniable. 

“It’s so good to see you again,” he said, his hot breath in my mouth. Ever since my brother, Alrik, left for college, I felt empty. But at home, we were inseparable, and we often felt our parents growing suspicious of our close relationship. We were careful, though, only touching one another when their back was turned or when they were gone.

“I missed you,” he said in-between kisses, his body pinning mine against the wall. It was good to touch his warm body, to taste him, and to feel his love again. We had decided to meet up in a hotel room…to keep our relationship a secret even after all of these years. The risk of our parents finding out was too much for us to handle, so here we were, alone again, unleashing our sexual, passionate urges that we had held in.

“I’ve been waiting for so long,” I said pulling back only for a second before diving back into him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him every day he was gone, and the way I craved him was just a reminder that he was the ONLY one for me. He hadn’t touched a single girl at college, and I hadn’t talked to anyone…and I would never have to. We knew we belonged together, that we were soulmates…and that, no matter what happened, nothing could come in-between our love for one another. 

This clip includes: Alrik Angel, Fifi Foxx, brother/sister, brother and sister are boyfriend/girlfriend, in a secret relationship so their parents don’t find out, they are madly in love, brother had left for college & now has come back to see his sister, passionate, affectionate, making out, kissing, romance, romantic talk, neck kissing, clit rubbing, sweet teasing, giggling, “I love you”, ass grabbing, nipple licking/sucking, sensual blowjob, riding, cowgirl, missionary, fucking, sex, cum on tits, erotic, making love, love making 

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Brother & Sister Madly in Love

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