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Best Friend Stripping War




“So, I have this super huge crush on someone you know,” Fifi awkwardly smiles at her best friend, Nyxon. “You’re gonna be so mad if I tell you…” She stalls for a second before finally getting it out, “It’s – it’s your brother.” 

Nyxon can’t help but burst out into laughter, teasing her friend about how gross it is. “Ewwwwww!” Nyxon says narrowing her eyes in utter disgust. “I’m not the only one that thinks that – there are plenty of other girls that think that. I’ve liked him forever,” Fifi says in defense.

Nyxon’s brother (POV) listen as the girls talk, and once they notice him, Fifi blushes and gives him a huge smile. “Hey,” Fifi says shyly. “It’s been a while – can I have a hug?” As she attempts to flirt with POV, Nyxon yanks down Fifi’s pajama shorts, and Fifi is mortified. 

“Oh my god, you’re wearing granny panties!” Nyxon yells teasing her friend. Fifi’s face turns red, and she hurriedly pulls her shorts back up as Nyxon falls back in laughter. But just as Fifi regains composure, Nyxon pulls them back down leaving Fifi embarrassed again.

Fifi twists and turns trying to get away from Nyxon’s hands, and by doing so, accidentally shows POV her butt. “Oh my god, do you like her butt? Do you think her butt is cute?” Nyxon teases. 

“She thinks you’re hot,” Nyxon says with a smug look on her face which is just enough to set Fifi off. She grabs at Nyxon’s pants, pulling them down to reveal her black panties, and even gives her bare butt a spank. Nyxons quickly covers up, but it isn’t long before Fifi’s blue eyes are admiring POV again. Nyxon takes advantage of the situation, yanking down Fifi’s bra just enough to expose a tit. The girls, now fed up with one another, go back and forth embarrassing each other in front of POV until one of them runs off in complete embarrassment.

This clip includes: Nyxon, Fifi Foxx, sleepover, Fifi admits to having a crush on Nyxon’s brother (POV), when Fifi goes to flirt with him, Nyxon yanks down her shorts, ENF, embarrassment, teasing, taunting, embarrassed nude girl, stripped down, hairy bush, granny panties, laughing, spanking, humiliation, girls go back and forth embarrassing one another in front of POV, covering up, running away, brother, sister, full nudity

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Best Friend Stripping War