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The Family Remedy for Sleepwalking




“Just go in,” Mom said with a nudge into my brother’s bedroom. “Just be quiet…shhh! Because…his medicine. He has those new sleeping pills.”

I was well-aware of my brother’s sleeping problem. Early in the morning, we would hear the TV blasting, or him banging the pots and pans in the kitchen as he attempted to make food. It kept us up, so Mom decided to take him to the doctor.

“It sounds like he has insomnia,” the doctor told Mom. “Have him take one of these pills right before bed, and he should have an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep.” Of course there were some side effects, like sleep walking and mild hallucinations, but as long as we checked up on him, he’d be fine. 

“He could sleep walk,” Mom explained. “I just need to check and see if he’s still in bed.” I mean, seriously…how bad could sleep walking be? “But they said not to disturb him no matter what he does,” she finished saying. We crept inside, practically tip-toeing, and everything seemed fine. He was sound asleep, his face smashed into the pillow, and we gave him some light touches, but it didn’t wake him. He was actually asleep for the first time in what seemed like forever. Maybe we could finally get some sleep now, too.

“I think if we stay in here for another, like, 20 minutes…let’s just sit over here and not bother him,” Mom said. She was worried that he might sleep walk, which was understandable, and she wanted company, so I stayed. 

We sat at the end of the bed, chit-chatting about shopping, and little things that we wanted to buy for ourselves. I hardly noticed my brother moving around behind me until he pushed up against me. “We can’t wake him up, can we?” I asked as I watched him stumble around. He stood up, leaned against the wall, and started peeing all over it! Mom and I burst out into laughter, but Mom reminded me that, no matter what he did, to let him be. Oh boy, this was so awkward.

But rather than just have a quick pee and go back to bed, he started getting silly. I giggled as he ran his hands over Mom’s head and hair, and then fell back onto the bed. It was getting ridiculous, but we were supposed to just sit there and not do anything about it. But things started to get…weird.

“Mom, he’s grabbing my chest!” I said attempting to squirm out of the way of his hand, but he had latched onto both of us. “Calm down, it’s fine,” Mom said, but it really wasn’t. He was getting worse by the second. Straps were coming down, robes were opening up, and I was so close to waking him up. 

“He’ll stop in a second,” Mom insisted, but he had her lying back, and he…he was rubbing her pussy, and Mom was moaning! I was beyond grossed out, and then he started doing it to me. “I don’t want him to touch me like that!” I whined. “Mom, this is really fucked up.” I was hoping and praying that he would stop at some point and go back to sleep, but it just wasn’t happening.

“You’re not enjoying that, are you?” I said looking over at my mom who was obviously getting some pleasure out of what was happening. Aiden continued to pull down his boxers, and now he had pushed Mom’s mouth over his hard cock. I was freaking out! And then…then it suddenly became my turn!? He went back and forth between us, and Mom attempted to calm me down…telling me that we couldn’t wake him up no matter what.

Aiden walked off, so we thought he was finally done, but that’s when the worst came. He pushed his hard cock inside of Mom and started thrusting – he was actually going to fuck her. And what were we supposed to do? If we woke him up and he saw what he was doing, he would be traumatized. Can you even imagine how awkward things would be in our family? We had to let him do this – we had to let him fuck us. 

Mom and I covered one another’s mouth, trying to keep each other quiet, as Aiden had his way with us. “Quit being such a baby,” Mom said, her hand over my mouth as I cried. I couldn’t believe she was allowing this to happen, and god, was he fucking hard. “He’s fucking me really hard, Mom,” I told her, and he was! How could he be pounding me that hard and be asleep!?

And he didn’t let up…not for one second. He went back and forth between us, thrusting himself in and out of our bodies, and when he was done, jerked his cum all over us. I was horrified…disgusted, but he finally fell back onto the bed, sound asleep, and it was over. It was finally over. I just wonder if he’ll ever know what he did.

This clip includes: Payton Hall, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, son has insomnia, has been prescribed new sleeping pills that have side effects such as sleep walking, mom & daughter go in to check on him, he begins moving around & peeing on the wall, the girls laugh as he does silly stuff, things gets weirder, he begins groping his mom & sister, clit rubbing, moaning, mom begins to sort of enjoy it, sister gets worried & begins crying/whining, mom reminds her not to wake him up no matter what happens, forced blowjob w/ mom & sister, POV sex w/ family, fucking mom & sister, mom & sister cover each other’s mouth so that they don’t wake him up, hand over mouth, HOM, he goes back and forth between them, cums on both of their tits


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The Family Remedy for Sleepwalking

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