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Vanessa & Fifi


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Fifi is happy that she’s been gaining weight, but unfortunately, she’s not quite where she wants to be. She looks over at her Vanessa’s soft, fat body, and asks her friend for some advice regarding gaining weight.

Eager to gain inches everywhere on her body, Fifi wants to compare her own chubby body to Vanessa’s to get an idea of how much more she needs to gain. After taking measurements of Vanessa’s bust, belly, and butt, Fifi takes her own and is shocked at the difference.

Although Fifi has been gaining weight, she is nowhere the size that Vanessa is, and after the girls weigh-in, Fifi is determined to pack on pounds.

The two chubby girls sit and stand side-by-side to show the differences between their growing bodies. Fifi admires Vanessa’s beautiful curves, thick thighs, jiggly belly, stretchmarks, cellulite, and fat ass. After listening to some of Vanessa’s advice, Fifi heads out with her friend to start stuffing herself with food.

This clip includes: Vanessa Davis, Fifi Foxx, gaining weight, Fifi wants to gain more weight to look as fat as her friend, Vanessa gives Fifi gaining advice, lots of fat talk, measurements and weigh-in, body comparison, measurements of bust, belly, and butt, both girls weigh-in, fat rolls, big belly, belly jiggling & rubbing, ass jiggling & shaking, thick thighs, thunder thighs, cellulite, stretchmarks

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Vanessa & Fifi