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Fifi’s Not So Great Bikini




“I think I look pretty good in this dress,” Fifi gloats looking at herself in the mirror. “Yeah, that dress is nice and loose, I think it looks good, too,” Velma responds. The two girls look at themselves in the mirror, touching up their hair and makeup, and then try to figure out what to do for the day. 

“It’s, like, so incredibly, disgustingly hot outside today, I really don’t know what we could do,” Velma says. Because of the weather, the girls decide it would be a perfect day to go to the beach. Fifi tells Velma that she’ll just grab her bikini real quick, make sure it looks alright, and then they’ll go pick up hers. 

“I remember these, I haven’t worn these in a minute,” Fifi says happily with her bikinis in hand. She sets them on the bed, and then picks out a cute, purple bottom and top to wear. She slides her dress off, and Velma immediately makes a weird face at her now, much chubbier body. “No one-pieces, huh?” Velma hints, but Fifi doesn’t catch the hint.

“I love the two-pieces,” Fifi smiles, and continues to put on her bikini. “Are you sure that’s what you wanna wear?” Velma asks, still hinting that Fifi’s body really shouldn’t be in a bikini. “You feel comfortable in it?”

When Fifi brushes that off as well, Velma blurts out, “Can you just tell me if you’re pregnant ’cause I was going to buy us some drinks at the beach.” Fifi is offended, telling her that of course she isn’t pregnant, and Velma tries to play it off. But when Fifi starts checking herself out in the mirror, Velma can’t help but tell her that she really doesn’t look good…AT ALL.

“If you’re not pregnant, you’re just kinda fat,” Velma breaks it to her. She points out that not only has Fifi’s ass gotten bigger, her belly, thighs, chest, and arms are fatter as well. “I guess my belly isn’t as flat as it used to be, but it’s not fat,” Fifi says. 

Still stuck in denial, Velma has no problem pointing out exactly where Fifi has gained on her chubby body. “I think you have love handles. God, I wasn’t going to say that – I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth,” Velma continues. She compares her skinny body to Fifi’s fat one, proving to Fifi that she even has rolls when she sits down. 

“Oh my god, you’re right,” Fifi pouts. Velma makes fun of her, telling her it’s disgusting, and encourages Fifi to cover it up. Fifi whines, but Velma continues comparing her beautiful, slim figure to Fifi’s thick, pudgy figure, resulting in Fifi having to wear a sweater and sweatpants to the beach.  

This clip includes: Velma VonMassacre, Fifi Foxx, girls decide to go to the beach on a hot day, Fifi grabs her old bikini and tries it on, Velma is disgusted by Fifi’s fatter figure, weight humiliation, fat rolls, fat shaming, thick, chubby, fat, thigh thighs, fat ass, love handles, fat jokes, big belly, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer


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Fifi’s Not So Great Bikini

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