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Vanessa Davis




After a long day of work, you come home to find your fat girlfriend, Vanessa, sitting naked on the bed for you. She tells you that she’s been waiting all day for you to come home. “I was thinking, since you’re trying to help me and you’ve been doing so good helping me pick out food, it would be really, really fun to have you start feeding me,” she explains.

Vanessa smiles at you, “And you know how I get…I like to be fed. It’s, like, the best foreplay ever.” She tells you that there’s a whole pack of chocolate chip cookies in front of her, and she wants you to fatten her up.

The more you feed her, the hornier she gets. Vanessa rubs her big belly, runs her fingers against her pussy, and gropes her big tits. She tells you all about her fantasy of having you fuck her and feed her at the same time.

This clip includes: Vanessa Davis, POV, POV feeding, fattening up, fat talk, eating turns your girlfriend on, belly rubbing, tit groping, rubbing pussy, feeder/feedee, dirty talk, fat, chubby, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer, BBW, stretchmarks, big belly, full nudity


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Vanessa Davis