Vanessa Davis




“I’m really getting frustrated that I’m not getting as big as I want to,” Vanessa pouts. “I thought for sure I’d be in the 300 pound club by now.” After two years of rapidly gaining, Vanessa has hit a wall, and she needs your help to push her past it. She encourages you to stop her if she tries to go for a walk, and to stuff her over and over so she can pack on the pounds.

Disappointed that she doesn’t have a full-on hanging belly and FUPA, Vanessa reminds you to use extra fattening and sugary foods to blow her up. Vanessa Davis tells you about her weight gain goals. She wants her big, round body to grow even bigger.”I need you to make sure that I have the food, and that I’m eating all of it,” she tells you. She shows off how much she has gained thus far, running her fingers against her stretchmarks, thick thighs, big belly, huge ass, and plump tits.

After telling you exactly what she wants, Vanessa says she is ready to be placed on her new diet – having you feed her anything and everything you want to give her the fattest, squishiest body ever.

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Vanessa Davis