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Georgia Peach




I’ve been searching the web, and I’ve found something that really turns me on. It’s really odd…and I don’t know if it’s normal, but I’d love to gain more weight.

I’d love to make my body even more voluptuous with bigger and fuller tits. I’ve seen those enormous women that have these beautiful, huge thighs that rub together when they walk – it’s just so sexy.

And those nice, pudgy, round, overflowing bellies – that’s the type of belly I want. I want you to help me; I want you to give me all of those delicious foods that I love. 

I wanna see my stomach blow up, expand, and get bigger from all those fattening foods. And dessert? We can’t forget about that. All the chocolate, whip cream, cake – that’ll really fatten me up. 

Just keep feeding me every day. Meal after meal loaded with carbs, and I’ll have a nice, jiggly belly in no time. I wanna be that perfect, fat, lush barbie. 

I just think the bigger, the better. Bigger is better, right? Who wants a skinny, teeny, tiny girl? I want those gorgeous curves. I want to be so fat that I can’t get out of bed. I want you to take full control of my body and my diet.

You know those curves make your cock throb. Make this belly drop – I want it, and you know you do, too. 

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Georgia Peach