Georgia Peach Fat Girl Weigh Gain




Georgia Peach is excited to finally have some alone time with you. She smiles sweetly as she tells you all about the new lingerie she’s bought. “I just noticed that everything seems a little small…it seems to have a little bit of a spillage,” she says blushing.

Georgia bounces up and down, showing off her overflowing body in her tight dress. “These tits look massive,” she smiles. Georgia is thrilled that she’s gained weight, and is happy to show off her bigger body in her cute lingerie.

“What do you think?” she says modeling her extremely tiny bikini. “Think I can wear this to the beach?” She pinches the fat on her tummy, and proceeds to show you all the sexy spillage that’s grown all over her body. She’s grown back fat, love handles, a huge ass, a big belly, thick thighs, and massive tits.

Feeling sexy with her new gain, Georgia continues to try on her different lingerie sets in front of you. She rubs her big belly, jiggles her fat, and talks about how much she loves her bigger body.


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Georgia Peach Fat Girl Weigh Gain