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Georgia & Fifi




My friend, Georgia, and I have gotten so fat! Our big, soft bellies had begun to hang over our panties while we sat down, so we figured it might be time to step on the scale. 

Once we saw our weight, it was no surprise as to why we had gotten so pudgy and squishy everywhere. We had gained more than just a couple of pounds and there was no way to hide it! But where exactly did we gain it?

Georgia had a proportionate figure while I was more…curvy. My chest had grown bigger, I had a bulging belly, and my butt had doubled in size. Most of my fat seemed to have gone to my stomach.

Either way, Georgia and I wanted to compare our fat, growing bodies, so we brought out the tape measure. We measured each other’s chest, belly, butt, and thighs, and boy…had we grown in size! 

Georgia had a big belly, thick thighs, a huge chest, and an overweight body. When we sat down again, my big belly hung over, and I could squeeze the tiny fat rolls. 

The only thing we could blame our fat bodies on were the delicious foods we had been eating, and honestly, there’s no way we’ll go back to eating healthy – not when we could fill up on sugary goods.

This clip includes: Georgia Peach, Fifi Foxx, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer, getting fatter & bigger, bulging belly, fat, chubby, close-ups of weigh-ins, close-ups of measurements, measuring belly, chest, ass, and thighs, thick thighs, fat talk, belly rubbing, fat body comparison, fat rolls, cellulite, stretchmarks, overweight

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Georgia & Fifi