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Gia Love


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Gia is ecstatic when she gets off the phone – she’s got an unexpected date! It’s been forever since she’s gone out, so she happily searches through her drawers for something nice to wear.

After Gia’s laid out some outfit choices, she tries to figure out which to wear. Unfortunately, Gia has gained quite a few pounds since her last date, and struggles to get her dresses to fit.

She pushes the material down, nearly exhausted from the effort, and notices how bad her figure looks in each dress. Her big belly bulges and her fat butt pops out. “That’s not cute,” she says looking at her fat body. 

Desperate to look her best, she continues to try the rest of the dresses on, but quickly notices how much smaller they are now. With no other options, she cancels her date because she’s too fat to fit into anything. 


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Gia Love