Double Squashing the Roommate




Ivy and Wood are gorging with some of their roommate’s delicious, sugary food. Even though there is a clear, bold writing of “AIDEN’S, DO NOT EAT,” the two girls stuff their face with his doughnuts and wash it down with his creamer. 

When Aiden comes back, he immediately notices the two girls cramming the food down their throats. He points out that the two items clearly have his name on it, and then says, “Guys, you’ve been stealing my food. I’ve been spending so much money on groceries because I have to re-buy everything.”

Although the two girls innocently overlooked his name, Aiden won’t let up. “And you guys are still eating it!” he points out as they chomp on the sprinkled doughnuts. “Honestly, you guys could go a couple of days without eating,” he tells them.

Now offended, Ivy and Wood throw the doughnuts aside, and push Aiden down onto the couch. The two girls squash him, bouncing their tremendous weight onto his tiny body. He grunts in pain, but the girls continue to smother him with their fat, and even double up on him! 

Once they feel they’ve taught Aiden a lesson, they get up, and he pants for air. He agrees to buy them whatever they want.

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Double Squashing the Roommate