Fat Camp II




Wood and Fifi attend the most prestigious fat camp in the world.  With strict counselors, they are guaranteed to be plumped up and fattened in no time. However, poor Fifi is worried that she hasn’t made weight for her weekly check.

She confides in Wood, her best friend, telling her that she knows she isn’t quite where she needs to be. “What do you think she’s going to do?” she asks Wood. Afraid she might be kicked out of the camp, Fifi is hesitant as she makes her way over to the counselor.

Ivy, the fat camp counselor, immediately notices that Fifi is below weight. Ivy starts her measurements with Wood, measuring her chest, waist, and belly. “Oh my goodness! Wow!” she says pleased. “And you’re going to start needing the big tape measurement!” Happy with Wood’s progress, she continues to weigh her, and then moves to Fifi next.

After some disappointing measurements and a not so satisfying weigh-in, the camp counselor decides to speed up Fifi’s weight gain. “I believe that you really do want to get fatter,” she tells Fifi. “You’re gonna have to step up your eating. We’re going to have to force-feed you.”

Ivy picks up a special pack of cookies, specially made by the camp, and a sugary soda for Fifi to fatten up on. She starts to stuff bite after bite into Fifi’s mouth, and watches as Fifi swallows it down with a big gulp of soda.

“My reputation is on the line,” Ivy explains. “You know we have a reputation for making our girls the fattest.” Eager to help her friend, Wood rubs Fifi’s bloated belly as Ivy stuffs another cookie into her mouth.

“I’m just not happy with it,” Ivy tells Wood. “I want more.” Trying her hardest to please the camp counselor, Fifi asks if there is a faster way to gain. “We could funnel feed you with a weight gain shake if that’s what it’s going to take. It’s definitely a quicker process.”

Eager to gain more weight and become fatter, Fifi agrees and walks with Wood to get funnel fed.

This clip includes: Wood, Ivy Davenport, Fifi Foxx, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer, fat camp, attendees are required to rapidly gain weight, measurements and weigh-in for both girls, counselor isn’t pleased with Fifi’s gain, decides to force-feed her to keep her up to speed, facestuffing/overeating, cookies, sweets, soda pop, fattening up, belly rubbing, fat talk, chubby, fat rolls, bloated belly, big belly


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Fat Camp II