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Jane Colburn


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I’ve been gaining so much weight recently. Look at all that chub. It’s sexy, isn’t it? My big belly hangs over my pants, and it’s only going to get bigger, bigger, and bigger.

You can easily see my stretch marks and flabby love handles. I want to be bigger…I want more. I want a bigger, soft stomach, bigger love handles, thick thighs, a huge ass, a double chin, and nice, big tits. I’m just going to keep eating and getting fatter.

I think I’ve got a good start, don’t you? I love the way the fat feels, all that jiggle. I want to grow so fat that these clothes get too tight, that I become immobile, and that I can’t even move anymore. 

Alright, let’s see how I’ve done. Time to weigh myself. Oh wow, I’ve gained so much, but I need to get that number even higher!

I can even see I’m starting to get a second tummy roll. I’m just going to stuff myself until I get fatter, fatter, and fatter. You can especially see it when I sit down–my fat stomach, soft love handles, and mini fat rolls. 

Oh, I just want to lie in bed and eat, eat, and eat. I want to get so fat that people stare in public. I bet I could pack on at least one pound today. Wonder how many cookies I can eat… I won’t stop until I’m big enough. 

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Jane Colburn