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Be Our Personal Feeder




So, we…we want to ask you something. It’s a little unconventional, but we’ll just say it. We were wondering if you wanted to be our personal feeder.

Your job would be making us fatter, plumping us up…making our appetite grow, and our waistline expand. You would blow us up. I mean, honestly…we could all stand to gain a few pounds. Some of us more than others.

We all want to get fatter, and we really need the help of a feeder. We need someone that’s there all the time, constantly feeding us…making sure we don’t get up, so we can just lie there and gain those calories.

Plus, the more we move, the more calories we burn. So, we need you to be our legs. We need to be stuffed all day…non-stop. You have to make sure each one of us is satisfied before you move onto the next. It’ll be an endless feeding rotation.

Just encourage us to keep gaining, forcing us to take more and more, and when we think we can’t take anymore, keep giving us more.

And, of course, rubbing our growing bellies, making sure that we get more and more room to fill with more and more food. If we have an upset tummy, you rub it until it feels better, and then we can eat more.

Encourage us to eat that next bite. Just one more bite. And you get to watch us grow as you feed us. Make us immobile…then you can take care of all of our needs.  

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Be Our Personal Feeder

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