My Pet Piggies




So, what should we do with them, darling? We could force-feed them, plump them up…they could be our little piggies. Let’s wake them up.

Rise and shine! Here’s the thing: we’ve kidnapped you big beautiful women, and you’re gonna be our pet piggies. I’m gonna fatten you up, that way you can’t move anymore. You think you’re fat now? We could get you A LOT bigger. 

See…you can still move, and that’s a problem. We need you to not be able to do that anymore. Completely immobile. We’ll start off with some funnel feeding and a nice, sugary, weight gain shake. With all that chocolate, creamer, and sugar funneling down your throats, you’ll be immobile in no time.

What’s with all the complaining? That’s not the sound piggies are supposed to make. Let’s hear an “Oink, oink.” Good piggies. Now open up. I’ve got a ton of delicious chocolate chip cookies for you to eat. What’s wrong? Do you prefer the funnel instead? Then open up. 

I wanna see more stretch marks, more rolls… You can have all the sweets you want–in fact, we will only feed you sweets. Oh, and if you’re good, little piggies, we may even build you a barn! 

This clip includes: Wood, Ivy Davenport, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, insane couple kidnaps two BBW, wants to make them their little, immobile piggies, immobility, funnel feeding, feeder and feedee, weight gain, gaining weight, gainer, fattening up, piggie sounds, fat talk, eating cookies, facestuffing/overeating, food stuffing, belly rubbing, gaining encouragement, pig play

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My Pet Piggies

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