Ivy Davenport




With some extra time on her hands , Ivy relaxes on the couch before her date shows up. All dressed up and looking good, she’s excited to meet him, and when she hears him knocking, she hurries to get up. 

“Hang on, I’ll be there in a second,” she says, struggling to move her massive body from the couch. Unfortunately for Ivy, she can’t get up no matter how hard she tries. She tries to pick herself up, but her weight drags her right back down. 

After several knocks, her date attempts to call her, but Ivy’s phone is on the table beside her. She tries to move it closer with her foot, but just ends up knocking it off the table. 

“I’m coming, hang on,” she shouts at him, but he is unable to hear her. She even tries rolling herself off, but her fat body barely moves. Worn out from an exhausting effort, she fans herself off.

After the knocking has stopped, Ivy realizes that she’s missed her date from not being able to move off of the couch. “I think he left. Damn it, not again,” she says, trying to catch her breath. 


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Ivy Davenport