Fat SSBBW Ivy Davenport




Ivy wants to talk to you about her big, fat, sex life, and all the ways that sex has changed since she’s gained weight. Starting at 180 pounds when she first had sex, and then rapidly gaining over the years has made sex incredibly different.

She explains how her growing, big belly has become an obstacle. Because it is so huge, certain positions have become more challenging. Ivy shows and explains to you how she has to adjust in each position. Even getting up on all fours takes her a minute.

Even something as simple as getting on top becomes a challenge for a partner. She explains how her soft, heavy belly has to rest on his body, and how she likes to drop it on his chest.

But not only is it more challenging being fatter, it has become more enjoyable as well. “There’s even new places you can fuck,” she giggles. She tells you which positions have become her favorite, what she’s no longer able to do, and how her fat affects her movements.

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Fat SSBBW Ivy Davenport